The National Golf Federation reported that same-store rounds played in the U.S. decreased slightly (-0.3%) in July 2005 vs. July 2004. The estimate is based on data from operators at 1,819 golf facilities. The resulting year-to-date total through July is a 0.9% decline from last year, a 20 basis point improvement from the June YTD decline.

The biggest YTD decline region was in the Southwest, which was down 5.8% for the period, due to “monsoon-like” rains earlier in the year. The Midwest had the biggest decline for July, off 3.6% for the month. Conversely, the South Central region was up 4.1%. Private clubs in the survey saw rounds played up 0.2% for the month and down 2.0% for the YTD period. Total Public courses were down 0.5% for the month and down 0.7% for the YTD period.