Two former Spenco Medical Corp. executives purchased its footwear assets to offer the full line through a new entity, Waco Shoe Company.

“While working for Spenco Medical Corporation, I helped launch the first sandal in 2010 and watched the brand grow into a full line of sandals, shoes and slippers,” said Jeff Antonioli, co-owner of Waco Shoe Company. “I knew that when the company was being sold, I had to keep the popular footwear line alive and growing.”

Antoniloi and Brad Granger, the former vice president of global manufacturing and business development for Spenco Medical Corp., established the Waco Shoe Company under which the Spenco Footwear brand is now sold. Each pair offers the patented Spenco insole with its full-contact support, deep heel cup, orthotic arch support, metatarsal dome, and cushioned forefoot. In less than three years, Waco Shoe Company has doubled its sales of Spenco Footwear.

“In orthotic footwear, Spenco is truly unrivaled. It’s the only product suitable for all foot types providing the unique combination of total contact support and cushioning,” said podiatrist Nicholas Pagano of Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care in Plymouth Meeting, PA. “This level of support and the health benefits that Spenco Footwear provides is similar to a custom-grade, medical orthotic.”

Waco Shoe Company, which got its name from the headquarters and hometown of Spenco Medical Corporation, continues the company’s history and legacy in orthotic insoles. “Spenco Footwear is an integral part of our company, which focuses on foot health, comfort, fit, and style,” said Granger. “Waco Shoe Company has also added the Revitalign, Ironsport and Ironman brands to round out our portfolio.”

Photo courtesy Spenco