New Era, the official on-field cap for Major League Baseball (MLB), unveiled the launch of, a destination for hardcore and casual fans alike to demonstrate their team pride and celebrate rivalries. A brand-new live online show, driven by the tweets and hashtag voting of viewers, will be hosted daily on the site. This marks the very first time that an audience will affect the direction of a live show in real-time via Twitter hashtag voting. Premiering during the Division Playoff Series on Sunday October 7th, the online broadcast will air at 2:00 p.m. EDT/1:00 p.m. CT every day for five days with the final show airing on Thursday October 11th.

To star in the daily “Rivals Live” online show, New Era has enlisted the support of comedic duo Matt Lusk and Kurt Ela, two die-hard baseball fans, who will represent the nation's favorite rival teams during the MLB playoffs. Through the use of Twitter hashtags, fan sentiment will be directly transferred to the pair who will duke it out on behalf of proud fans everywhere. Viewers will use predetermined hashtags to vote for challenges and to specify which of the rivals will have to do each challenge. Whether a host will receive an #AtomicWedgie or have to become a #ManOLantern, viewers will have the opportunity to select from a variety of hilarious pranks and stunts as the hosts battle it out for ultimate bragging rights. will track and display hashtag votes in real-time as they dictate the interactions between Matt and Kurt throughout the show.

The audience of “Rivals Live” will not only use social media to affect what goes on between Matt and Kurt in real-time, but can also communicate with the hosts through a live Twitter chat that will take place during the show. By using hashtag #RivalsLive, provides another outlet for expression and collaboration within New Era's social media community.

“We are excited to launch during the most heated time of the MLB Season,” said Brian Wheeler, Senior Manager Interactive, New Era. “As social media continues to connect millions of people around the world, we wanted to take those connections one step further and provide fans an online setting to display their team pride and engage with the New Era brand like never before.”