Super Heroic, a new children’s sneaker brand launched by former Jordan Brand design director Jason Mayden, has raised $7 million in funding.

Investors include Playground Ventures, Accel Partners, Up2398 And Magic Johnson.

The inaugural rollout of Super Heroic features the TMBLR v1 sneaker, the first of a larger collection of products that will include footwear, apparel and accessories “enhanced by content, technology and partnerships all pointed towards the goal of encouraging and enabling imaginative play.”

Super Heroic’s statement noted that for more than 50 years, children’s playtime has been declining and a lack of play affects emotional development, leading to a rise of anxiety, depression and problems with attention and self-control. A goal of Super Heroic is to reverse this decline, in part through its League of Play events around the country.

“We’ve created our company around the idea of tactical play,” said Super Heroic founder and CEO Jason Mayden. “Tactical play is a balance of social emotional learning and physical engagement. We wanted to create a product that moves with the child, providing balance, stability and superior comfort through imaginative and interactive play. We are excited to have the support of our investors to enhance the experience of play through footwear and lifestyle technology for our youth.”

The sole of the TMBLR v1 is made to navigate multiple surfaces with midsole sidewall traction ridges for grip as a child is climbing a slide or running across the playground. Instead of laces, the TMBLR v1 closes with a utility strap that provides security without restriction and has a dual density midsole, which aids multi-directional movement, and an offset durable rubber outsole that adds stability when met with an uneven surface. Its silo packaging system comes equipped with a backpack that morphs into a cape for each young superhero.

Super Heroic is available for pre-order exclusively online at The TMBLR v1 will ship starting August 15, 2017.

Photo courtesy Super Heroic