NES Headwear, manufacturer of embroidered headwear, has expanded operations to focus on growth in the US market.

Scott Weldon, president and Bob Callahan, president, American entrepreneur’s with more than 30 years in the embroidery industry, re-branded and launched NES Headwear’s US Division & website, and is projecting steady, sustainable growth in market share, as well as an increase in manufacturing, sales, and service jobs.

“NES Headwear has been making top-of-the-line embroidered hats for thirty years,” says Weldon, a track record he says he’ll be proud to help uphold. In fact, the company has taken to the market in force direct to small and large companies offering top quality hats with your company logo embroidered on it, “Part of that is due to the time we invest with our customers,” continues Weldon. “Buying a hat with your brand/logo embroidered is a personal investment, there’s an educational curve, and NES Headwear is committed to giving customers the tools they need to get the most out of their brand.”

NES Headwear co-President Bob Callahan says he is thrilled to welcome Weldon aboard as co-President. “I don’t think there’s a better person out there than Scott to help build the NES Headwear brand,” says Callahan. “We have a longstanding track record of quality and value, and Scott has dedicated much of his career to expanding brand awareness with companies such as Blue Rhino and”

NES Headwear’s manufacturing will continue to produce the company’s line of high quality, modestly priced headwear. Weldon has been expanding the sales force focusing on direct sales to small and large companies all over the US and will continue to focus on consumer awareness.