Nautilus, Inc. will consolidate direct sales call centers serving North America, resulting in the transition of a call center in Winnipeg to the company's headquarters in Vancouver, Wash. The transition will eliminate about 40 positions in Winnipeg and will result in the addition of several new positions at the company's headquarters. Nautilus will expand its Vancouver-based multi-lingual sales team to include French, in addition to Spanish and English languages. Nautilus will maintain a 32,000 square foot distribution center and retail store in Winnipeg with a 6-8 person staff, along with a sales staff in Toronto. The transition is expected to be complete in the second quarter 2008.

“Our evaluation points to substantial operating efficiencies by operating a single call center, especially when considering the administration, systems and training necessary to operate a world-class direct sales call center,” said Bob Falcone, president and CEO of Nautilus, Inc.

The Winnipeg-based call center became part of Nautilus, Inc. through the 2005 acquisition of its Canadian product distributor, Belko Canada.