Native Watercraft has announced the release of Inland Waters Kayak Fishing, a video produced to showcase kayak angling on inland waters. 

The film features stories are about fishing on Native Watercraft’s Ultimate kayaks.

“We are excited about addressing the biggest gap in the kayak fishing
market,” comments Jeff Bach, producer and co-owner of Quietwater Films. With partner Darren Bush, he developed a  movie “to show how well kayak fishing fits the lakes, streams, and rivers of the Midwest.”

“The Ultimate kayak was used because it is so uniquely suited to kayak
fishing, particularly fly fishing,” notes Bach. “I generally dont dare
standing to grab or stash my gear on the water while fishing.  In the
Ultimate, standing up to cast and strip a fly line is amazingly easy.
This hybrid kayak also introduced me to poling, a re-discovered practice
that adds low-impact exercise and superior sighting capability to an
angling outing.”

The video features angling guru Jimbo Meador and fly fishing guide and
retailer Wendy Williamson, who as baby boomers at the top of their game confirm that expert enthusiasm among anglers is not limited to youthful tournament champions.