Moving Comfort announced the launch of its new website featuring an innovative virtual Sports Bra Fitting Room. The Sports Bra Fitting Room is divided into four sections to guide women
in finding the best fitting sports bra. Sections include:

Sports Bra Finder: Women are lead through a step-by-step measuring
process, all of which is accompanied by instructional videos. The Sports
Bra Finder not only identifies the woman's size, it also offers
suggested styles based on her activity.

Expert Fit Tips: Identifies common fit issues and offers solutions for troubleshooting through the use of on-body images.

Anatomy of a Bra: Women can learn about the various components in a
Moving Comfort sports bra that work together to provide superior
support and comfort.

Care Instructions: Provides women with all the information they need to ensure they get the most out of her garment.

“We believe that sports bras are an essential piece of equipment for active women, yet 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size,” said Julie Baxter, vice president of Moving Comfort. “The proper fitting sports bra, designed for the appropriate activity, can make a big difference in your performance and how you feel during your workout. Our new virtual Sports Bra Fitting Room takes the guess work out of the fitting process and provides women with the information they need to make the best sports bra selection.”

“The Sports Bra Fitting Room is our way of sharing the information that we have learned after more than twenty years of engineering sports bras,” added Baxter. “We were one of the first in this space and we have continued to stay ahead of the curve in innovation. Most recently, we opened a biomechanics lab at our headquarters in Bothell so we can scientifically evaluate our sports bras early in the design process.”

The new and improved Moving Comfort Web site launches April 26, 2011 with free shipping through May 31, 2011.