Jay Getzel has been promoted to the new position of director of sales and marketing for Mountainsmith, the Colorado-based innovator of cutting edge packs, camera bags and luggage. In his expanded role, Getzel will lead the company’s U.S. and international global growth and expansion efforts in addition to day-to-day management of sales and marketing. 

The announcement was made by Renee Pitra, representing Blackstone Investment Group, parent company of Mountainsmith.

“Jay has demonstrated a strong commitment to superior client service and product excellence and has worked diligently on behalf of our customers and the company’s bottom line,” stated Renee. “He has been an integral part of Mountainsmith’s success in a difficult economic climate.  He will now have responsibility for global oversight of the brand as we continue our steady upward growth.”

Jay will be responsible for the ever-important fiscal oversight of the company’s sales and marketing while exploring new business development. In addition, his management of the independent sales representatives and key account communication remain an important part of his day-to-day work. He will also continue to be an integral member of the product team as well as manage the company’s customer service department.