Motiv Inc., a San Francisco-based developer of wearable technology, is ditching popular wrist-worn devices and opting for a different approach: a fitness ring.

The Ring is being touted as a highly advanced wearable device that measures activity and sleep. It will identify and track “active minutes,” set a baseline beyond the 150 active minutes of moderate-intensity level exercise per week as recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and focus on consumers achieving weekly goals to track health progress over time, adjusting daily targets based on what’s been reached so far.

“Despite how fast the wearable market is growing, over half of those who buy a fitness tracker lose interest and discontinue use because current solutions are uncomfortable, unattractive and don’t provide truly meaningful insights,” said Mike Strasser, co-founder and CEO, Motiv Inc. “From a hardware perspective, we knew we had to build a device that could be with you all the time. To do that it had to be small, durable, waterproof, allow you to effortlessly measure activity and sleep and not interfere with daily life.”

The Ring is being unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this month.

Photo courtesy Motiv Inc.