Mizuno Corp. reported that its Chairman and Representative Director Masato Mizuno had resigned, effective Sept. 5. The Japanese sporting goods giant said it will will maintain a two-representative directors system of Akito Mizuno, president, the current representative director, and Jotaro Ueji, its newly appointed representative director and EVP.

 In its statement, Mizuno said, “Since Masato Mizuno, who resigned our Representative Director, was appointed as a Representative Director in June of 1983, he has tried to do his best to develop our company’s business over a period of time.  Recently he offered his resignation of a Representative Director and we accepted his offer during our board of directors’ meeting held on September 5, 2011.  From now on, he will leave Mizuno and try to do his best for a lasting development of sports world extensively, he says.”

According to an accompanying bio, Masato Mizuno, 6 and 8, first began working for Mizuno corp. in 1966. He was appointed president (CEO) in 1988 and became chairman in June 2006.

Jotaro Ueji joined Mizuno Corp. in 1965 and was appointed Director; General Manager of Sports Promotions Division, Supervisor of Olympic Project  in 1996. He became an executive vice president in June  2011.