Merrell has launched a “Connect to Your World” campaign to support its M-Connect Series.  The campaign comes to life with the 4 Fundamentals of Outside Fitness, a 4-step fitness program, designed by Merrell mentor and bestselling author and minimalist Tim Ferriss, that engages the whole body for maximum benefit through connection with the outside.

The overall campaign celebrates the benefits of getting outside and being in touch with one’s surroundings. It carries through all facets of Merrell – on-the-ground activation for all people and a minimalist product approach in M-Connect Series.

“Connection to me means being aware of your surroundings, as well as being present in your own body as it relates to your surroundings,” said Tim Ferriss, a #1 bestselling author of The 4-Hour Body. “If people take away just one thing from this program, it should be this: fitness needs to be simple and elegant in order to motivate the most people. I developed the 4 Fundamentals with a minimalist approach, focusing on the power of connection to the outdoors, which I hope will get people away from screens and immersed in nature… even if just for a short break.”

Additionally, the “Connect to Your World” campaign will come to life through multiple worlds demonstrating the beauty of the outside and the benefits one gets from that connection. The worlds will be seen in-store, online and through advertising visually demonstrating the beauty of the world and the benefits of connection. Through the entire “Connect to Your World” campaign, Merrell will visually and socially demonstrate to people the importance of reconnecting with the outside and each other.