McDavid Inc., the maker of sports medicine and performance/protective apparel, announced a new partnership with DeAndre Jordan, the blossoming star center of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Together, McDavid and Jordan will team up to spread awareness around McDavid's role in keeping NBA players confident on the court and protected from injury. The exclusive deal invites Jordan to use and promote McDavid's signature line of sports medicine products such as braces, wraps, supports, and tape. The partnership comes as Jordan and the Clippers prepare for what's expected to be one of the most exciting postseason playoff races in years, a time when injury prevention is key to a championship run.

“McDavid products have been 'First On. Last Off.' in keeping NBA athletes protected for years, and teaming up with an emerging star like DeAndre Jordan will help guide our story into the future,” said Bob McDavid, McDavid Inc. president. “Our products inspire confidence in today's greatest athletes and we're excited to see DeAndre inspire younger players to work hard towards achieving their goals.”

Today's NBA athletes push their bodies to the max as they run through a grueling 82-game regular season and lengthy postseason, with a brief offseason recovery period. The wear and tear can result in repetitive use injuries in key joints, such as the knee, foot and ankle, making the use of protection equipment important for injury prevention. For athletes concerned about injury, University research shows that wearing McDavid's signature 195 ankle brace makes you three times less likely to incur an ankle injury.

Jordan, amidst a career-best season currently leading the NBA in rebounds per game and ranking top five league-wide in blocked shots , is the right person to represent McDavid given his physical nature and exhilarating, high-flying play. His impressive offseason and in-season work ethic is representative of McDavid's mantra of being “First On. Last Off.”

“I couldn't be more excited to partner with McDavid for the rest of this season and beyond to keep me healthy on the court,” said Jordan. “I've been using McDavid's 195 ankle brace for protection and it's helped give me extra determination to soar for rebounds and blocks in the paint and finish big dunks.”