McDavid has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Adidas.
In a suit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of
Illinois, McDavid claims that Adidas infringed by importing into the U.S.
foam-padded, compression shorts sold under the mark, “TECHFIT,' which are
made in China by the process patented by the '325 parent.


Stirling, based in Accrington,
Great Britian, is the owner of the '325 parent. McDavid has been the exclusive licensee
for the '325 patent since June 2005, according to court papers attained by
SportsOneSource Group..


McDavid is seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction to
enjoin Adidas from infringing on the '325 patent. It seeks an award of
damages arising out of infringement by Adidas of the '325 patent. It also seeks
treble damages and a trial by jury.