French bicycle wheel and equipment manufacturer Mavic opened an office in Waterbury, VT, to support sales and service in North America.

“We are thrilled to be back in the USA to address the needs of our North American customers with our new Mavic Service Center in Waterbury, Vermont,” said Jean-Michel Bourrelier, CEO of Mavic USA. “We are also very excited to unveil many new products in the coming months relevant to the U.S. market and local riders. We hope that American gravel, mountain and road riders will be able to experience our new wheel technologies and discover our new apparel that celebrates the long-standing history of our brand.”

Mavic reported it will focus on reconnecting historic and past accounts and new customers to re-establish a strong IBD and OE network. With support from the newly established Mavic Service Center in Waterbury, the company can “provide a full spectrum of support to dealers, partners and riders throughout North America.” The facility is fully operational and the company said it will initially focus on wheels with plans to offer the complete Mavic line of products.

“Our team in the U.S. comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience to contribute to Mavic’s already rich history of over 135 years,” said Josh Saxe, sales and marketing manager for North America. “While Mavic didn’t invent the wheel itself, it is the business of Mavic to reinvent the wheel. We’ll be bringing our perspective directly from the field to inform what comes next. We have a lot of new and exciting products to share, and while our focus absolutely includes the sales and marketing around these products, we are emphasizing supporting our customers, both new and old, while also participating in our local community and grassroots efforts.”

The company was established in 1889, and this year marks the 100th anniversary of the first Mavic circle logo.

Photo courtesy Mavic