Maruman Golf inked a deal with Whitlam Golf and Gauge Design Golf to exclusively distribute Whitlam Golf products in Japan. According to the agreement, Whitlam will also create and manufacture a high-end putter line for Maruman Golf that will be distributed throughout the world, including in North America by Maruman Golf USA.

One of the most progressive arrangements of its kind in the golf industry, Maruman Golf will promote Whitlam-branded putters throughout its entire distribution channel, further expanding the brand strength of Whitlam/Gauge Design putters which are already making a substantial impact on the Japanese PGA Tour.

“Totally fascinated with superb quality of Whitlam putters and most precious, his ceaseless pursuit of real craftsmanship coupled with his creative personality which everybody loves and accepts,” says Sami Yasujima, chairman and CEO of Maruman & Co. “Maruman’s high-end product line perfectly meets Dave’s Whitlam putters for Japan and his designed Maruman putters for the international market. He is now an important asset to Maruman.”

David Whitlam, founder of Gauge Design and graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy, is the craftsman behind Gauge Design and he has carefully engineered every putter from the company’s inception. Gauge Design putters feature three unique patented features: a six-dimensional sole plate that allows the putter to sit firmly on the ground and aids in proper alignment; a 3-Dimensional Parallel Hosel Configuration that required weeks of 3D machining to perfect; and the Aluinser™ weighting system that increases the heel-toe affect, does not compromise ball feel with a face insert, while providing an elevated center of gravity that improves ball roll.

“We’re very excited to enter into this landmark agreement with Maruman Golf,” says Whitlam, who has more than 15 years in the golf industry. “Gauge Design Putters are a blend of today’s technology and yesterday’s designs and are the most precisely milled putters in the golf industry today. All of the company’s putters are CNC-milled and conform to the USGA’s strict guidelines governing the manufacture of golf equipment. In addition, all of our putters are made entirely in the United States.”