Marmot Mountain LLC has partnered with Grassroots Outdoor Alliance (Grassroots) to raise up to $10,000 in November for the Conservation Alliance, the outdoor industry’s primary conservation organization.

Promoted through Grassroots retailers during the month of November, $10 from the sale of any Marmot products priced at $99.00 or higher more will go directly to the Conservation Alliance. Grassroots is a buying group of 46 independent specialty retailers that  operate nearly 100 outdoor gear stores across the United States. Marmot is an outdoor clothing, apparel and equipment manufacturer.  

Since its creation in 1989, the Conservation Alliance has been heralded for its preservation of wild places where outdoor enthusiasts recreate and has played a key role in protecting rivers, trails, wild lands and climbing areas.

“We’re extremely proud of Conservation Alliance’s important work and want to do our part to help them succeed with their conservation efforts,” said Roanne Miller, Grassroots president.  “While all of the Grassroots retail members support similar local organizations in their own communities, the Conservation Alliance is the only national organizations we all choose to support.”


Marmot became a member of the Conservation Alliance early in 2011 and remains committed to helping the vital non-profit reach its goals. 


“Last year we ran this promotion with Grassroots to raise money from the sale of at least $100 in Marmot products and hit our goal,” said Marmot Vice President of Marketing  Tom Fritz. “This year we hope to meet that same fundraising goal for the Conservation Alliance.”


“This co-promotion as a great example of outdoor industry cooperation and environmental stewardship,” adds Miller. “We want customers to take advantage of this terrific opportunity to support their local retailer while also investing in the Conservation Alliance.”