The Marathon Sports location at 671 Boylston Street became a crime scene after the first of the two bombs in what’s being called a terror attack exploded just outside the front door. All twelve workers were inside the store and  unharmed by the tragedy. Theyve since earned praise for rushing out front to aid injured runners and spectators.

Reports are estimating the bomb likely exploded twenty feet from the store.

Our staff was very much involved in the recovery efforts, Colin Peddie, the owner of Marathon Sports, told Runners World Newswire. It was a war zone, with our staff pulling people into the store and doing triage on them.

According to the same report, one woman injured in the explosion asked the Boston Herald to contact Marathon Sports to thank one of the stores employees who had taken off his belt to use as a tourniquet. Peddle told Runners World, The doctors at the hospital say that saved this womans arm. Its amazing they could be so good at it.

The current homepage for Marathon Sports is a tribute to bombing victims.

Peddie himself was at the store about a half hour before the first bomb went off at 2:50 p.m. So far, three people have been killed and more than 170 others injured near the finish line of Mondays race due to the tragic incident.

Peddie still cant get inside the Boylston St. store, which opened in 2001, because of the ongoing investigation. The stores front window is damaged and both glass and blood will have to be addressed inside the store.

From my understanding, its not in very good shape, Peddie told the Daily News. Theres a lot of blood over a lot of apparel and floor. The staff was grabbing apparel to use as tourniquets.

But reopening the store isnt a high priority for now.

Who cares about the store? Its a crime scene, he told the Daily News. Its the mental health and well-being of my staff … thats what Im concerned about. Thats the biggest challenge.

Marathon Sports has nine stores in the region.