Makura Sport, a mouthguard manufacturer and supplier headquartered in Cardiff, Wales, has established distribution capabilities throughout the U.S. Based out of California, the new hub enables the company to provide rapid delivery and effectively serve distributors in the U.S. market.

Products currently available in the U.S. include Makura Sport’s complete lineup of Convertible mouthguards — Toka Convertible, Ignis Convertible, Tephra Max Convertible, Lithos Convertible — as well as the Kyro Pro, which is available in strapped and strapless versions.

All of Makura Sport’s mouth-adapted and ready-made mouthguards have been designed to ensure they keep athletes of all ages and levels safe. They have been both impact and innocuous tested by an independent third-party based in the United Kingdom and are fully CE approved and certified. They boast proprietary technologies like Shokbloker outers, Gelform liners, Boil & Bite fit, and Ortho Channel for use with fixed braces and come standard with light, durable, drop-tested cases.

“We have been eager to grow our presence in the US since launching in Canada in 2018,” said Robert Davies, managing director of Makura Sport, “but in order to effectively service our US distributors, we knew we needed to have mouthguards on the ground that could be shipped and delivered quickly and conveniently throughout the US. Establishing distribution capabilities out of California makes that possible.”