MacNeill Pride Group (MPG) is rebranding to Gathr Outdoors to reflect its mission and the industries within which it operates following its acquisitions of ORCA, GCI Outdoor, Klymit, and Rightline Gear.

Gathr Outdoors is a portfolio company of Centre Partners.

Gathr Outdoors has acquired various outdoor brands over the past two years under the MPG name. With the appointment of CEO Keith Bornholtz and new additions to its Board of Directors in June, coupled with the recent acquisitions of ORCA, GCI Outdoor, Klymit, and Rightline Gear, the brand’s trajectory “is one of steadfast commitment to outdoor sports and activities,” said the company.

“Gathr Outdoors north star is ‘Together Outside’. Whether you’re camping, fishing or just at your kid’s weekend sports tournament, we want you to share these moments comfortably with the friends and family we love. Our purpose is to inspire time spent together outdoors by promoting a passion for adventures big and small,” said CEO Keith Bornholtz. “While oftentimes in the industry, you’ll see aspirational images of an elite athlete setting out to tackle a solo feat unattainable to the masses, we at Gathr believe that outdoor experiences are the most powerful when they are shared. Those are the moments, the memories that bring us back for more. At Gathr Outdoors, our team and our brands enrich those experiences with products that ensure comfort, convenience and connection.”

The company acquired Outdoor Recreation Company of America (ORCA) in January 2020, a supplier of coolers, drinkware and other outdoor accessories. With the onset of the global pandemic within a matter of weeks following this acquisition, MPG quickly saw the uptick in sales of outdoor products and an opportunity to meet the needs of its consumers to support their outdoor pursuits beyond coolers.

The platform next acquired GCI Outdoor, a maker of portable outdoor camp chairs. This acquisition was followed by Klymit, a maker of lightweight outdoor sleeping pads, pillows, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, and other camping accessories. Most recently, MPG acquired Rightline Gear, a maker of automotive and outdoor gear, including car top carriers, truck and SUV tents, air mattresses, tailgating canopies, cargo products, foam block paddle sport carriers, jeep storage bags and interior accessories.

“We honor the past and are honest about the present,” said Bornholtz. “With the introduction of Gathr, It’s not just rebranding the company, it’s establishing and confirming our identity as a collection of brands and building a new culture across the company with confidence for the future of outdoor.”

Along with the evolution, Gathr has brought on several new C-suite executives, including COO Noel Allen, CFO Paul Collins and VP of People and Culture, Julie Parker.

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gathr Outdoors overall portfolio includes ORCA , GCI Outdoor, Klymit, Rightline Gear, Freestyle Rocker, RoadTrip Rocker, Moki Doorstep, PrideSports, SoftSpike, Champ, Pride Golf Tee, and Professional Tee System,