Lululemon said it will now offer its employees three to six months of paid parental leave.

The gender-neutral policy, announced on Friday, applies to all full-time employees who become parents, including those who adopt.

Employees qualify for three months of fully paid leave after working for Lululemon for two years, and six months of fully paid leave after working for the company for five years. Employees need to work 24 hours a week to be considered full-time at Lululemon, according to Bloomberg.

The company has described the policy as an incentive to retail talent at all levels, from in-store staff to senior leadership. In addition to the financial benefits, the new policy entails a framework to keep new parents connected to colleagues, mentors and work resources during their leave, ensuring an easy transition back into the workplace with a clear trajectory for advancement.

Lululemon plans to measure the impact of the new policy each year to capture leave rates across employees and measure their career growth rates as a result.