For the first time ever in the history of the company, The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company now has clear direction! Company owners have hired industry professional Mr. Scott Anderson to handle the day-to-day operations with the appointment of him as Lucid Notion’s C.E.O.

Up until today, Lucid Notion has survived on hearsay and roomers. Company founders Ryan Peterson and Daniel E. Ekker are pleased to announce that their vision for complete snowboard industry domination is now in the qualified hands of Mr. Anderson.

Scott grew up in St. Cloud Minnesota and honed his skills working for Midwest Resort Stalwart Spirit Mountain before moving to Colorado.

In Colorado he has worked with such worthy adversaries as SOS, Keystone and Retail Giant SSV. Scott will handle the daily operations of snowboarding’s small-ingrown toenail from this point forward.

His responsibilities will be focused toward dealer relations, continued industry involvement and the implementation of a global sales force. With a handsome degree of marketing knowledge and the industry experience to back it up… we here at Lucid Notion don’t see him having any problem with this task!