Loop’d Network, a San Diego start-up that wants to become the My Face of action sports, has launched a community just for skiers at www.loopd.com.

The new site offers skiers the ability to seek sponsorship from companies like Monster Energy and enter contests sponsored by brands such as Oakley, while interacting with professional athletes and community members who share a passion for skiiing.

To publicize the new site, Loop’d Network is kicking off a contest to entice skiers to upload action videos and pictures. Winners will win autographed pro gear from World Championship skier and Red Bull-sponsored athlete Daron Rahlves. Loop'd, which launched in November, uses the same model to create networks for brands in the skateboarding, snowboarding and motorcross space.

Each month, a professional skier on Loop’d Network will host a similar contest, judging and selecting winners from picture and video submissions. Submit your photos and videos for this month’s contest at www.loopd.com.

“The skiers on Loop’d Network have been asking for their own community, and we believe this addition brings a mix of interaction, contests and sponsorship that will bring both serious athletes and enthusiasts together,” said Scott Tilton, chief executive officer of Loop’d Network.

Added Rahlves: “The new Loop’d ski community is a great place to get acquainted with the pros, win some of my gear, find potential sponsorships and connect with people who love the sport.”

Loop’d Network claims to have more than 250,000 members generating content for its sites worldwide. Athletes, for instance, can use the site to create unique content for self-promotion, including videos, photos and blogs that will help them gain exposure to brands for sponsorships. Loop’d Network blends brands into the experience by matching them to their core demographics via purpose-driven communities and through an innovative means of grassroots and viral marketing. The company’s Web 2.0 technology platform provides unprecedented analytics, and scales to millions of users.