In a bid to cut costs, Look Cycle USA has outsourced distribution to Hawley LLC of Lexington, SC, which has become the  exclusive agent for Look's entire line – bicycles, frames, and pedals – in the United States.

Going forward, the benefits from Look’s Bicycle and Pedal Preseason Programs will be available exclusively through Hawley.


Every effort has been made to minimize transitional service disruptions. The preseason period will begin on time and is scheduled for an August 1, 2013 start. Dealers are highly encouraged to contact Hawley for more details.


The change will allow Look Cycle USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Look Cycle International, to streamline its U.S. operations and focus on brand marketing, dealer support, and warranty services.


Beginning with the 2014 model year, Hawley becomes the exclusive agent for Look bicycles and frames sales. “As one of the fastest growing companies in the industry, we are highly confident that Hawley’s sales team will provide a strong, focused effort to help maintain and improve the position of the Look brand within the US IBD channel” says Eric Vanhaverbeke, vice president of global sales and marketing of Look Cycle International and president of Look Cycle USA.


“Look is a premiere brand in our industry with a long history of success” says Steve Hawley, president of Hawley, “Especially in the US. We are honored that Look has chosen us as their distribution partner. I believe Look dealers will enjoy the many services and benefits that Hawley will be able to provide them.”


Look Cycle USA will no longer be selling its products directly to the IBD channel. Greater efficiency to serve the IBD channel remains a core focus for the change.


“We have witnessed a dynamic change in the business patterns in the US market, everything from demands for improving our performance and speed to serve the customer to retailers expressing strong desires to consolidate vendors were key factors in our decision” says Kevin Wong, vice president and general manager of Look Cycle USA. “With this move, we will be able to deliver orders within 1-2 days to anywhere in the continental USA and improve operational and administrative efficiency for the dealer.”


The change will be effective July 1, 2013 and all US IBD retailers are requested to contact Hawley for pedal and accessory needs and 2014 bicycle and frames sales.