L.L. Bean has been awarded the first annual Logistics Excellence Award in Warehousing by The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech. The award was presented to Susan McClain, Director of Operations at L.L. Bean. The award was presented by Dr. Ed Frazelle, founding director of The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech.

According to Dr. Frazelle, “L.L. Bean has been the number one rated warehousing operation in our semi-annual Warehouse Benchmarking Survey during each of the previous surveys. The survey takes into account a variety of productivity and quality statistics to compute an overall performance score for each warehouse. It's similar to a computer ranking system for sports systems, just applied to warehouse operations. The most telling correlating factor in the survey results for L.L. Bean is that they not coincidentally have the most comprehensive operator safety and satisfaction program in the industry. People really are the most important resource for them.”