Liv's Salita

Liv’s Salita

Liv, the newish Giant-backed cycling brand committed solely to the female cyclist, has already wowed the women’s cycling scene, continuing its rise to fame by bringing to market three advanced footwear products, the Macha, Tesca and Salita.

The new footwear premiers an approach to tailoring called the Motion Efficiency System. This system amplifies power transfer, comfort and fit, reducing the need to make Men’s sizing and models work for women.

The Motion Efficiency System combines a stiff and efficient pedaling platform with torsional flex to reduce pressure and strain in the lower leg for more natural foot movement throughout the pedal stroke. The system is built around three key technologies – the ExoBeam, ExoWrap and ExoFlex.

Liv's Macha

Liv’s Macha

ExoBeam, infused in the Macha, Tesca and Salita, combines stiffness in the forefoot, where most of a rider’s power is applied, with strategically engineered flex zones to reduce tension and strain in the lower leg. With the “beam” replacing the traditional plate sole structure used in most high-performance cycling shoes, a rider’s foot can be fully wrapped in the enclosure system.

ExoWrap is also used in all three new models, and was created to compliment the ExoBeam by forming a 360-degree foot enclosure. Results of the union should include a customized fit and comfort no matter the shape of your foot. The big difference with ExpWrap is while most enclosures simply pull the foot down toward the sole, ExoWrap supports the foot by also pulling up.

Liv's Tesca

Liv’s Tesca

The last technology, ExoFlex is only used on the Tesca and Salita off-road shoes, which allows the toe area of the shoe to move independently of the ExoBeam carbon sole. This separation increases traction while walking, running or hiking.

Liv developed these models under its Dynamic Cycling Fit design philosophy, which uses research, engineering and rider product feedback “to create gear that functions best while actually riding a bike,” the brand said.

Liv Global Executive Director of Gear Stan Mavis, who also represents Giant Bicycles in the same position, said, “Dynamic Cycling Fit is about applying the most advanced research and testing methodologies to produce innovative gear that improves the cycling experience. This new line of footwear, which introduces some never-before-seen technologies for cycling shoes, really represents that idea.”