Line Skis LLC Has Been Jumping Through Hoops attempting to get their bindings to retailers. According to Jason Levinthol, the company spokesperson, “All in all, it’s simply taking a lot longer to set up and solidify all the manufacturing than expected. Especially with some of the pretty out of the ordinary circumstances weve run into making it even more difficult/impossible to deliver the binding this fall.”

Line’s binding manufacturer, Victor Plastics, pulled out of their deal after Jim Kuba, Victor’s president, died unexpectedly. Everything seemed to be back on track in the spring when the company settled with a different manufacturer. The outbreak and spread of SARS in the Guandong region of China delivered the final blow to the bindings effort by making it impossible for Line’s design team to work with the factory.

“The decision to simply call off delivery before the season begins, instead of relying on a best case scenario to deliver on time, is without question the responsible action to take at this time,” Said Levinthol.

The company will cut its losses and focus on delivering its ski line to retailers on time.