Liberty Bottle Works has signed on as the official bottle sponsor for the East Coast Adventure Racing Series (ECARS) for the 2012 race season.

The East Coast Adventure Racing Series is moving into its second year and already offers the largest prize purse of any Adventure Racing series in the country. Founded by American Adventure Sports owner Doug Cryzter, the series offers some of the most challenging and thrilling Adventure Races around. ECARS' inaugural year was greatly successful, and the series has already grown significantly, adding several sponsors, race companies, and races for the 2012 season.
Adventure Racing is quickly being rediscovered and becoming one of the most popular sports in the extreme endurance field. Unlike any other sport in the world, Adventure Racing requires teams to be comprised of three or four persons and be coed inorder to be considered professional. Additionally, Adventure Racing adds a unique disicpline that many sports do not have, orienteering, requiring athletes to use a topographical map and compass to navigate their way through the race course.