Embrace The Rain With Mountain Khakis

Rain-Proof, PVC-Free Rainmaker Jacket Series
New For Fall/Winter 2018


The Rainmaker Jacket series is fully waterproof with welded seams. The naturally soft and flexible polyurethane, PU, used in the manufacturing of the jacket is a green alternative to PVC in both production and after-care. Naturally soft and flexible, PU does not require solvents for softening during the production process. PU is also designed to deteriorate after a period of use, where PVC never degrades. The series comes in four colorways.

“We’ve taken the Rainmaker Jacket to task in every possible weather scenario. Downpour on the river, wet snow in early fall, mud season in the spring and it performs beautifully no matter the conditions. We built a jacket that not only handles the elements with ease and style, but does it in an environmentally friendly way.” —  Noah Robertson, Co-founder, Mountain Khakis and Director Product Development.

The Rainmaker Series and the entire Mountain Khakis FW 2018 collection will be on display at ORWM Booth #51080-UL. Photos courtesy Mountain Khakis