LeagueApps, the operating system for the youth sports industry, has pledged 1 percent of all company revenues to benefit underserved youth nationwide via the company’s FundPlay initiative.

The company aims to impact 500,000 underserved kids by 2022, via its software grants, cash grants, and training and professional development. LeagueApps, a newly designated 2019 Project Play Champion, announced their commitment in September at Aspen Institute’s Project Play Summit.

“This is both an exciting and critical time for the emerging youth sports industry. We’re experiencing substantial growth and greater professionalization, at the same time we are seeing a decline in team sports participation levels,” said Jeremy Goldberg, President, LeagueApps. “The youth sports industry needs to prioritize efforts to ensure access for underserved communities. FundPlay reflects our conviction that change in youth sports is driven by those who make sports happen, which is why we’re focused on empowering and transforming community sports organizations with technology and support. We’re honored to be recognized by the Aspen Institute as a Project Play champion, and embrace our shared goals.”

The LeagueApps FundPlay initiative provides qualified non-profit youth sports organizations with software and websites, cash grants, technology training, insights, and mentoring in order to ensure availability for all—particularly to organizations with limited or unequal access to tech solutions. Organizations such as RallyCap Sports, Harlem Lacrosse, NextGen AAA, Positive Coaching Alliance, PHIT America, and more have already benefited from FundPlay grants.

LeagueApps has also partnered with Major League Baseball and the Los Angeles Dodgers to provide subsidized use of the LeagueApps platform to more than 100 RBI leagues nationwide, so far.