, the online lacrosse specialty retailer, announced the acquisition of Zimagear.

Over the past decade, Zimagear has become known for its custom helmet decals, sublimated uniforms and apparel design. During its time in the lacrosse industry, Zimagear has worked with collegiate teams, elite clubs and high school programs. Zimagear is also recognized for its work with Maverik Showtime, providing uniforms and decals for its annual recruiting event.

“For years Zimagear has been recognized as the premier creative source and provider of outstanding, high-quality uniforms and apparel. For, the acquisition is another step towards being the very best lacrosse specialty retailer and team sales provider,” stated John Arrix, CEO, “The acquisition is a strategic move for us, putting in a position to serve customers better than anyone in the sport of lacrosse.”

“Since day one, Zimagear has strived to deliver the best creative and highest quality product possible. When approached by, Tyler and I agreed our expertise will help fuel growth for We are excited to be part of a team that will service lacrosse better than anyone else in our industry,” said Dan Dlugozima, formerly co-founder of Zimagear and director of product development at