La Sportiva is running on air. The Boulder, Colo. company committed last week to becoming a 100-percent windpowered

Working with Green-e certified company Clean and Green, La Sportiva has added 3,000 kWh of wind-power demand per month to their local grid, helping pave the way for even more local businesses to switch to wind power. This commitment to 3,000 kWh of wind power per month is the equivalent of planting 5,040 trees, taking six cars off the road per year, and eliminating 130,980
ponds of CO2 emissions.

“We are truly excited to help our society move away from fossil fuel dependency,”
says La Sportiva Marketing Manager Jonathan Lantz. “It is everyone’s duty to
protect and preserve the environment for future generations.” La Sportiva’s
transition to wind power is helping the outdoor industry move towards a more
sustainable energy future.