Last month, BOSS reported that Lafuma N.A. was in the process of moving all operations to a new HQ in Broomfield, CO, and recently, the company announced that the move to the 15,000 square foot facility has been completed. According to the company, the new location will correspond to the needs of the fast-growing business and will allow for a more efficient product distribution in the U.S.

The company was using a third party warehouse service in Chicago, while the sales and marketing team was in Boulder. Lafuma N.A.’s General Manager, Guillaume Linossier, said, “We believe that the years approaching will be the most strategic for the brand in the American market.”

At OR Winter Market, Lafuma will be re-introducing their clothing line to the U.S. market with an emphasis on women’s specific product. The company has brought on a new design team in France, who will be producing a line specifically for the U.S. Linossier said that even with the falling price of the dollar versus the Euro, Lafuma should be able to keep retail prices down because of the volume of apparel-and Gore-Tex – they push through the European market.

Finally, the company brought in a new brand manager for the Le Chameau brand, Alex VanRobais. This segment of the company is primarily known for its high-end hunting and equestrian boots, and will be distributed through top-tier department stores.