Kryptonite plans to introduce a new minimum advertised price (MAP) policy that will apply to their premium bicycle security products. The new MAP policy will take effect June 1, 2013.

Our network of loyal dealers work tirelessly to promote the Kryptonite brand and our line of premium quality security products to cyclists, said Nick Watkin, general manager for Kryptonite. We believe the implementation of our MAP policy will help strengthen the Kryptonite brand and will further support our dealers as they continue to provide customers with invaluable product education and information, as well as premium customer service.

In addition to the new MAP policy, Kryptonite has partnered with SmartEtailing and will be offering the Buy Local Now initiative to customers through the Kryptonite website (


Through the Buy Local Now initiative, Kryptonite customers will have the ability to use a convenient web interface that offers them the ability to order Kryptonite products through a local retailer and either visit the shop to pick up the product or have the product shipped directly to them.


The “Buy Local Now‟ program is a great way for Kryptonite to help drive customers to our network of bicycle dealers for their lock purchase, said Watkin. A cyclist can choose their new Kryptonite lock during the work day, verify the shop has it in stock and then pick it up on their way home from work. This program is a win-win both for the customer and the dealer.

Kryptonite plans to launch the Buy Local Now initiative later this spring.