KUIU is opening a second store in the U.S. and its first in Dallas, TX. The company said it is the ideal location for a brick-and-mortar store based on the active consumer base in Dallas, and being direct-to-consumer-focused provides it with data and insights on its customers.

“KUIU was built with a robust e-commerce business, and physical retail stores have been part of the plan for years,” said Kevin Wilkerson, VP of brand marketing at KUIU. “Our first store located at KUIU headquarters in Dixon, CA, enhanced the KUIU consumer experience since its opening, and now we are excited to physically bring this brand to the Dallas community. “We plan to open multiple stores over the coming years and are currently working on securing our next locations. We are excited to bring KUIU into more communities over the coming years. ”

The company said in a release that the goal of the Dallas store is for KUIU to be “more present” in the hunter communities, whether getting ready for their next hunt or sharing a hunt experience with them at the store.

Photo courtesy KUIU