Kokatat will be outfitting German paddler Freya Hoffmeister for a 30,000-mile circumnavigation of North America that could take nearly a decade to complete.

The trip – one that has never been done before – is scheduled to be paddled in blocks of three to five months. Hoffmeister will paddle in two half loops, starting twice in Seattle and finishing twice in New York City. She’ll paddle northward half of the year and southward the other half. She’ll travel from Canada to Panama – through the Northwest Passage and the Panama Canal – and will paddle fully inside the Gulf of Mexico and Baja, CA as well as across Hudson Bay.

Hoffmeister will be wearing Kokatat’s Gore-Tex Expedition Dry Suit, Ronin Pro PFD, Gore-Tex Pullover and Surfskin Pants. Kokatat has collaborated with Hoffmeister for more than a decade, sponsoring her past expeditions and competitions.