Kitzuma Cycling Logistics has expanded its fulfillment services with the recent acquisition of warehouse space in Salt Lake City and Asheville, NC.

Kitzuma, the fully built bike delivery company, has created a one-stop shop for warehousing bikes, processing orders and shipping to retailers or consumers.

With 20,000 additional square feet, Kitzuma is positioned to support the growth of U.S.-based and global brands, including its key partners Cinelli, the Italian manufacturer of road and gravel bikes, and Econic One, a European e-bike manufacturer.

Kitzuma is also offering LTL services (less than truckload freight) for brands and retailers shipping bikes and other products in smaller quantities that do not fill entire trailers.

“Warehousing and fulfillment have been on Kitzuma’s roadmap since we started, so we’re starting to round out our growing list of services,” said Taylor Essick, CEO, Kitzuma Cycling Logistics. “We are very excited to have Econic One and Cinelli on board and are looking forward to adding more cycling brands in Q3 and Q4.”