Kitsbow Cycling Apparel launched a retail store for used Kisbow apparel through its online direct-to-consumer store. The “Kitsbow Experience Apparel” store is a place where Kitsbow customers can sell their previously purchased Kitsbow gear.

“Everyone at Kitsbow and all of our customers knows that our gear lasts for years, designed with the best, most durable fabrics and constructed to survive all kinds of rough conditions,” said David Billstrom, a leader at employee-owned Kitsbow. “With the new Experienced Apparel store, now anyone can buy or sell our durable apparel to each other, which keeps the gear in service of adventure and enjoying the outdoors and keeps it out of the landfill.”

To use the site, sellers pay 10 percent of the sales price. Kitsbow is also offering sellers the option to receive 110 percent of the sales price as a store credit to purchase new full-price gear on its website.

“We’re subsidizing the cost of operating the Experience Apparel store because everyone on the Kitsbow team is absolutely committed to re-use, recycle and repair of apparel to keep it out of the landfill,” said Billstrom.