Kitman Labs has acquired Presagia Sports, an athlete electronic health records platform that serves more than 110 NCAA athletic departments, youth sports programs, and sports clinics. College clients include Clemson, Florida State, Georgia and all members of the Pac-12.

With an existing client base of more than 700 elite teams in the NFL, NHL, MLB and four of the big five European soccer leagues, Kitman Labs makes athlete management systems and supplies users with performance analytics for player development and injury prevention.

Kitman previously acquired The Sports Office, an athlete data management innovator, in 2020.

“Sports medicine is at an exciting inflection point driven by exploding volumes of sports data combined with the demand to eliminate silos and integrate medical insights into performance and coaching decisions,” Stephen Smith, Kitman Labs’ founder and CEO, said in a statement. “We are excited to partner with Presagia Sports clients to create the future of their sports medicine programs by further developing their EMR capabilities and creating a united approach across all departments.”

Presagia Sports is a division of Presagia Corporation, which has a business outside of sports supporting corporate human resources departments.

Logo courtesy Presagio Sports