Khyber Interactive Associates, an emergency response training, research and consulting company, announced that they have partnered with Target is Moving, producer of moving targets for military, law enforcement and range operations.

Target Is Moving (T.I.M.) electronic target systems are purpose built compact, portable moving target systems. The T.I.M. systems offer several operating modes with adjustable speeds and can articulate targets in a 360 degree fashion for dozens of training scenarios. With optional remote capabilities users can control the speed and moving of a single target or multitude of targets wirelessly.

“Our teaming with Targets is Moving has everyone at Khyber thrilled.  It is an absolute distinction to be working with such a unique product and dedicated company, said Khyber Founder Wes Doss.  The systems that Target is Moving makes are simple to operate, easy to ship and set up, but offer students a tremendous challenge in our training programs.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Wes and the Khyber team. Khyber’s innovative and proven training techniques will help students derive maximum value from our target systems. The combination provides a very unique opportunity for program participants to rapidly improve their shooting skills.” said Target Is Moving Principal Brent Kochuba.