​Kelty is partnering with GetOutfitted to ship rental gear for camping and backpacking directly to consumers’ doorsteps in a move aimed squarely at younger consumers who have consistently listed the cost of new gear as one of the major obstacle to participating in those activities.

Beginning June 9, 2015, anyone interested in taking a camping or backpacking trip will be able to rent curated packages of Kelty items or choose individual items like backpacks, tents, and sleeping bags. Complete camping packages start at $25 per day and include free shipping and returns.

GetOutfitted will deliver the gear to a renter's doorstep at least one day prior to their trip. When done, renters put the gear back in the box and use the prepaid shipping label to send it back. GetOutfitted team of experts are available via phone or online chat to answer questions and help customers select the appropriate gear.

“The goal of this partnership is simple – accessibility,” said GetOutfitted Founder and CEO Julian Flores. “We want to make the outdoors more inclusive for people who want to participate, but are challenged by costs that may be outside their budgets and lack of storage space. By working in partnership with Kelty, we are providing the most durable and easy to use gear that is delivered directly to homes for best­ in­ class convenience.”

“This program changes how the industry entices new and less experienced consumers into getting outdoors,” says Kelty VP Brand + Innovation, Eric Greene, who has spent the last year overseeing a brand refresh at Kelty brand to make it more appealing to young consumers. “Consumer trends are shifting towards shared resources and experiences, but so far, that trend hasn’t translated to the outdoor industry. By partnering with GetOutfitted, we bring Kelty Built gear to consumers who aren’t ready to purchase gear, are traveling and can’t bring their own items, or simply want to try out ​something new – ​and we know that GetOutfitted will provide the best rental experience possible.”

“This partnership positions Kelty and GetOutfitted on the leading edge of this new trend,” continued Greene. “The program satisfies both companies’ goals of disrupting the industry, using technology to lower the barriers to entry, and appealing to modern, young consumers.”

GetOutfitted was founded in 2013 and pioneered a through-­the-­mail rental program for ski clothing. Since its founding, GetOutfitted has worked with partners such as Patagonia, Vail Resorts, Kelty and more to make it easier than ever to enjoy outdoor experiences without the burden of owning gear. 

Based in Boulder, CO, Kelty offers a wide range of packs, tents, sleeping bags, and family camping gear that’s built to endure.