Kelty is launching an integrated outreach and marketing campaign designed to create a community for women and rekindle their sense of outdoor adventure. Known as Kelty Woman, the 2006 campaign includes integrated initiatives ranging from a dedicated website and catalog to coordinated national advertising and partnerships, all with the goal of creating a unique experience for women from the moment they plan their trip to their final steps in the field.

“Almost two decades ago, Kelty took the first steps in creating women’s specific gear by listening to the true needs of outdoor women,” said Kenny Ballard, President of Kelty. “Our push in 2006 emphasizes the reality that to keep women in the outdoor community, merely putting the gear on the shelves isn’t enough.”

The campaign is fueled by recent statistics: of 118 million women age 16 and older in the U.S., more than 67.6 million women participated in at least one outdoor activity in the last year; and more than 85 percent of all women express interest in getting involved in one or more outdoor activities in the next two years. (Source: Outdoor Industry Foundation).

Elements of the Kelty Woman campaign will include:

  • An on-line resource: A new and dedicated website, will serve as the anchor of the campaign, providing both a community and a resource for women seeking information and inspiration.
  • National imagery: In addition to a dedicated women’s catalog, the marketing campaign for Kelty Woman will key on imagery and messaging that encourages women to participate in the outdoor experience.
  • Diverse partnerships: By teaming with other leaders in the women’s outdoor community, Kelty will build a continual presence of “women in the outdoors” messaging. Our partnerships for 2006 include Team Luna Chix, the women’s sports and advocacy organization; the Outdoor Industry Women’s Coalition; Fox River socks; and Baby Bootcamp, a nationwide series of mother-and-child outdoor fitness programs.
  • In the shop support: At this critical juncture in the outdoor community, Kelty will partner with select retailers to create an unparalleled presence that engages and inspires the participation of women.

Today the Kelty line includes nine packs with true female-specific features, six sleeping bags with a custom shape to fit and perform better for women; more than ten durable and easy-to-use basecamp tents and shelters; a comprehensive collection of child carriers and jogging strollers; and a diverse selection of totes, purses and accessories that make it easy to stay active, fit and involved in the outdoors.