Allied Feather & Down reports that two major Exxel Outdoors brands – Sierra Designs and Kelty – plus boutique brand Katabatic, have enrolled in its recently introduced program.
Created as an educational tool to help consumers of down insulated products, Track My Down (TMD) informs the buyer about how and where their down is sourced and processed, the exact contents of their jacket or sleeping bag, and how to properly care for down. It’s the latest program introduced by Allied in their constant effort to bring extra value to brand partners and the public.

“There is a lot more involved with down than just its fill power and incredible warmth-to-weight ratio, so we created Track My Down as both an informational resource and educational tool, helping consumers learn more about the insulation that keeps them warm,” says Daniel Uretsky, President of Allied Feather & Down. “Forward-thinking brands like Sierra Designs, Kelty and Slumberjack understand how important transparency and education are to this industry, and we’re very happy to have them join us.”

All Sierra Designs bags for 2016 and their Fall 16 apparel will boast TMD down, as will Kelty’s 2016 Cosmic line of down bags, and all of Katabatic’s 2016 natural fill bags. These products will all come with a hangtag that will include a lot number corresponding to the down in each piece. In addition to down origins, exact content, and care tips, this lot number will give access to information regarding fill power, the differences between European and Asian down, and other useful information.

All three brands, and the many others already involved with the program, see TMD as an ideal fit for their brands and the socially conscious consumers who use their products.

“Since the relaunch of SD, we have been focused on being transparent and removing the hype, so partnering with Allied and the TMD was an obvious choice,” says Casey Sumnicht, Sierra Designs’ Equipment Product Manager. “It’s an easy way to provide our consumers a wealth of knowledge about the down so they feel more connected and satisfied with their purchase.”

Katabatic’s Operations Director Kristen Diers said Allied’s Track My Down program allows customers to be informed and confident that they are purchasing a product that was produced in a responsible manner, and allows us to underscore our commitment to the environment.

To use Track My Down, consumers simply enter the lot number into the homepage. From there, users will be directed to a unique lot page with specifics about the down in their garment or apparel piece. Links will take the user to other helpful information and educational materials.

Family-owned Allied Feather & Down is the global leader in providing premium, innovative, and responsibly sourced down and synthetic insulation to the largest, most discerning brands in the outdoor, apparel, and bedding industries.

As a Bluesign system partner and active member of both the Conservation Alliance and Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Allied is committed to safeguarding the environment and providing complete transparency to their partners and consumers to ensure the welfare of animals and guarantee superior quality. Allied values longstanding relationships with the most robust supply chain on the planet, and is proud to be the largest supplier of certified responsibly sourced down – having helped to certify over 100,000,000 birds.