Keen has purchased a building at the Corner of 13th & Glisan in Portland, OR that will serve as its new headquarters. This move expresses Keen’s commitment to the future of Portland and the city’s importance as a catalyst for hybrid innovation, a cornerstone of Keen’s philosophy.

The five-story, 50,000-square-foot office building includes a ground floor retail space (approx. 6,000 square feet), a lower level recreation room (6,000 square feet), and four floors of office space (approx. 10,000 square feet each). Just a few blocks from the company’s existing operation, Keen’s purchase demonstrates its commitment to build its future based in Portland. The company will design its space to incorporate existing innovations, such as its Recess Hub and Keen retail store, while planning an environment that inspires and supports creativity into the future.

Keen has completed the purchase of the building and plans to move into its headquarters operations there by the end of 2012.
While Keen has been an active corporate citizen of Portland since 2006, the company has rented its office space on NW 13th Avenue. The 30,000-square-foot footprint has enabled the company to thrive and grow as it has expanded its product offering, created its first company retail location, and supported its rapidly expanding fan base from around America and worldwide.

The ability to own versus rent the headquarters space will enable the company to infuse the “Keen Factor” into its offices by customizing and creating new and culturally meaningful space for meeting rooms, showrooms, expanded retail and more.

“At Keen we’re always trying to repurpose for a purpose and this is one example of how we are converting that vision into a reality,” said Keen CEO James Curleigh. “It represents a sizable investment for Keen; a long-term investment in our brand, our place and our people.”
The project will be managed by a team of Keen advisors who share a similar vision and value set and who are experts in the field. The advisory team includes Tom Cody, managing partner of Portland-based Project.