Karhu was recently named the official binding supplier for the United States Telemark Ski Team. Karhu’s 7tm Power Binding was selected as the official binding based on the team’s desire for an extremely high performance, active binding and the need to protect the team’s investment in training with the safety of a reliable, DIN Certified, releasable binding. The 7tm Power Binding won Couloir Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for ‘Most Improved Binding’ and won ‘Skiers’ Choice’ from Powder Magazine.

The 7tm Power releasable binding is Karhu’s answer to those skiers looking for a more active feel in their bindings. Brandon “Moondog” Moon, a member of the US Telemark Ski Team and FIS World Cup Telemark Competitor, comments on the performance of the new 7tm binding. “The DIN release is still accurate and precise. I never prerelease, yet when I need out, it’s smooth and uninhibited. Now the rear foot pressure is firmly planted on the ball of the foot not just the toe of the boot. In the team’s opinion, this is the binding of the future.”

The new 7tm Power offers a pivot point that is a full 2cm further back than the original 7tm All Mountain. This helps skiers to more effectively weight their back foot, which is critical for controlling the uphill ski and executing a strong Telemark turn.

Karhu’s 7tm Power offers the same accurate and precise DIN Certified release function. General Manager, Charles Lozner, talks about Karhu’s stance on the imperative need for releasable bindings. “Modern day Telemark equipment has changed dramatically to larger, more powerful gear. Skiers that rely on their bindings to fail, in order for them to release, are putting their safety in jeopardy. Especially while skiing in avalanche terrain, it just doesn’t make sense to ski in a non-releasable binding.” Karhu’s commitment to developing an advanced releasable binding is what continues to separate Karhu as a ski company for the future.