Nike Inc. said the Jordan Brand launched a new digital training program inspired by Michael Jordan’s early-morning training sessions as a player.

According to a statement, the “Breakfast Club” training sessions started in 1989, when Jordan recognized that defenders were getting more physical, partly due to changes in league rules. Said Jordan, “I knew that I had to find a way to get stronger and be able to deal with the beating.”

His strategy entailed pre-practice and one-on-one workouts with his trainer, focusing on strength training and weights. Motivated by Jordan’s commitment, his teammates began to join in the extracurricular sessions, which often started as early as 7 a.m. Jordan would famously arrive at the gym with a wry smile and cup of coffee in hand.

Aptly, the gathering soon became known as the “Breakfast Club.” The Breakfast Club was the foundation for Michael’s epic six title, six Finals MVP run. The sessions proved to Jordan that the status quo was not enough; if he wanted to be a champion there were extra steps involved.

“Breakfast Club was a mindset more than a workout,” clarified Jordan. “We wanted to be more prepared than anyone else.”

Today, the brand brings the Jordan Breakfast Club to kids around the world through an elevated training collection and interactive training regime curated by Jordan Brand’s family of athletes and Master Trainer.

“Michael is the blueprint for greatness,” said Larry Miller, president of Jordan Brand. “We are excited to be able to share some of these insights and training tips with kids who are striving to reach their own greatness.”

The Jordan Breakfast Club Training experience is built around a 30-day program designed by Alex Molden, Jordan Master Trainer and former pro athlete. The service platform helps kids improve their speed, strength and reaction skills for the season ahead.

“We have heard from kids around the country that once they get into training camp or practices, they are getting good instruction,” explained Molden. “However, where they could use some extra help is in the preparation for the season and making sure that when they arrive on day one, they are ready to perform.”

After subscribing to the program digitally, athletes will have the opportunity to begin training immediately using the drills and techniques introduced by a collection of Jordan Brand athletes, such as Dez Bryant, Erik Kynard and Jalen Ramsey. These digital sessions, which will be delivered directly to the athlete through a Jordan Chatbox execution, are geared toward athletes of all levels.

Athletes can pre-register for the Jordan Breakfast Club at, and will begin receiving workouts on September 6. Live experiences will be offered in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.