Johnson Outdoors’ Tech4o (Technology for Outdoors) brand  will once again sponsor the Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing Championship to take place in Land Between the Lakes, KY on Oct. 21, 2011.

This year, Tech4o has also expanded its relationship with the organization by sponsoring team Checkpoint Zero/Tech4o for the 2011 racing season. Team members have been training and competing with Tech4o Traileader Pro watches that measure personal performance and offer PC compatibility for a variety of outdoor activities, including adventure racing.

“We are excited to continue our relationship with Checkpoint Tracker and to add the sponsorship of a co-branded team,” said Linda Grebe, product manager of Tech4o. “By using the Traileader Pro watches this year, the team has been able to compete with our high tech instruments that provide them with measurements and navigation tools that are beneficial to their racing progress. The team has also provided us with valuable feedback about its use for adventure racing, specifically, and we are able to use that feedback to make our future electronic devices even more user-friendly and effective for all outdoor enthusiasts.”

Checkpoint Tracker is the largest competitive adventure racing series in the United States. It is comprised of over 80 events ranging from sprint length races lasting just a few hours to expeditions that run non-stop for several days. Racers and teams create free profiles at and compete in participating events to earn points that contribute towards their national ranking. Top ranked teams in each of the six Checkpoint Tracker divisions (Solo Male, Solo Female, 2 Person Coed, 2 Person Open, Open Elite and Coed Elite) are invited to compete in the Checkpoint Tracker Championship in October.

“We are very pleased to extend our sponsorship agreement with Tech4o in 2011 as we continue to evangelize the sport of competitive adventure racing,” said Paul Angell, President of Checkpoint Zero, LLC. “Tech4o’s Traileader Pro is a fantastic training companion for our team members as they calculate their speed, navigate race terrain and monitor weather conditions.”

This year Tech4o is launching a consumer contest in support of its CheckpointZero/Tech4o team. Tech4o’s Traileader Pro watches feature heart rate monitoring and PC link, in addition to speed, distance, calorie measurement, altimeter, barometer, compass and thermometer capabilities.  The Traileader Pro accurately monitors heart rate and syncs with a PC to monitor workouts over time.  Its built-in accelerometer technology is a highly accurate, yet easy to use tool for measuring personal speed and distance.