Johnson Health Tech, Inc., manufacturer of Matrix Fitness, Vision Fitness, AFG, Horizon Fitness and the Livestrong line of fitness equipment, announced its Q4 results ending Dec. 31. The companys commercial brand, Matrix, experienced 39.7 percent growth in the fourth quarter and closed out the year with a 24.6 percent increase over 2011. JHTs retail brands ended the year showing flat year-over-year growth in the consumer segment. The combined 2012 global commercial and retail sales increased 11.4 percent over prior year.

The momentum for our Matrix brand continues to build worldwide. said Vice President of Global Marketing Mark Zabel. Our investment in innovative new products like the ClimbMill, Ascent Trainer and Suspension Elliptical platforms continues to gain increased customer acceptance and market adoption as facilities look for superior alternatives that deliver a great user experience and the lowest total cost of ownership.