Johnson Health Tech, the parent company of such fitness brands as Matrix, Vision, AFG and Horizon, has acquired Magnum Fitness, the manufacturer and marketer of performance strength equipment, based in South Milwaukee, WI.

“For more than thirty years, Magnum has developed commercial strength training products that have produced tremendous value for its customers. Their initiative, knowledge, expertise and focus on the health and fitness industry complement our culture and philosophy at Johnson Health Tech,” said Jason Lo, CEO of JHT.

“With the acquisition of Magnum, JHT now has a comprehensive commercial strength product portfolio that greatly increases the competitiveness of our product offering in adjacent channels of the commercial market,” said Mark Zabel, VP of global product development & marketing for JHT.

In addition to rounding out the existing product portfolio, the acquisition of Magnum also gives JHT North American-based manufacturing capabilities.

“This acquisition allows us to offer customization and flexibility options to our commercial customers that simply were not feasible before,” Zabel continued. “We’re excited about the possibilities.”

“We’re pleased to join Johnson Health Tech,” said Larry Nelson, VP of Sales for Magnum Fitness. “It’s a well diversified company with strong brands, exceptional products, and a team of dedicated professionals, passionate about fitness. It’s an exciting organization to be part of.”

Over the next 12 months, the JHT management team will evaluate how to best integrate the existing Magnum team, product lines, distributors and facilities into its existing operations. Ron Carringi will serve as general manager of the manufacturing facility. Prior to this post, Carringi served as a director of engineering at JHT for nine years, and brings experience in managing strength manufacturing facilities to his new position.