Jetboil Inc. is winning more recognition and awards from top national media outlets. This week, Jetboil receives high honors from gear and technology experts at Outside, Men’s Journal, Popular Science, and TIME magazines. The kudos follows endorsements from Backpacker magazine’s Editor’s Choice and Outside magazine’s 2004 Gear of the Year awards.

Jetboil, Inc. develops and manufactures portable cooking systems that simplify and personalize mobile hot food preparation. The company’s initial product offering, the Jetboil Personal Cooking System (or simply Jetboil) integrates a 32-ounce vessel, heater, and fuel supply into one package, providing a highly convenient and efficient means of preparing hot food or drink.

The December issue of Men’s Journal honors Jetboil’s PCS and Coffee Press accessory bundle with one of its Gear of the Year awards, saying, “this super efficient 15-oz stove is the fastest way to get a café-worthy trailside java fix”. The issue features the magazine’s annual Gear of the Year Awards and Holiday Gift Guide.

Outside Magazine’s November issue features a cover story on the 25 Coolest People Now, naming Jetboil PCS inventors Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst among them as “Gear Savants”. Outside calls Jetboil a “snazzy, all-in-one portable kitchen that – in 11 months on the market-has revolutionized backcountry cooking…it boils a cup of water in 60 seconds and uses 50 percent less fuel than a traditional camp stove to do it….Jetboil has become the buzz of bivy ledges and surf breaks nationwide, with everyone from firefighters to alpinists preaching the gospel of a fast cup of joe on the go.”

Popular Science recognizes new innovations in an annual “Best of What’s New” issue, as well as presenting the inventors with an actual award. Upon receipt of the honor, Aspinwall expressed excitement about PCS’s possibilities. “As life-long outdoor enthusiasts, Perry and I understand
Jetboil’s impact as a safety essential-we knew this gear would increase the comfort and safety of adventurers and explorers world wide-and it is. But weve also known that Jetboil will reach beyond outdoor adventure, as a convenience for anyone in need of a hot meal in seconds. Jetboil fits in a fast paced world, where hot coffee and food is needed with immediacy- except here, the menu options are endless”.

This week’s TIME magazine (November 29th, 2004), features Jetboil in its cover story on the “Most Amazing Inventions of 2004”. The PCS appears in the Fresh Ideas section of the Coolest Inventions article, stating that the PCS allows “…campers to prepare soup, pasta, and any one-pot dish – quickly and safely…Jetboil’s patented Fluxring channels the heat directly into the vessel” with no open flame.

Inventors Dwight Aspinwall and fellow outdoor enthusiast Perry Dowst founded Jetboil Inc. in 2001. Having used traditional cook systems, both felt it was too cumbersome to make hot drinks and foods in the outdoors, and wished to explore solutions that would produce a “quantum leap” in terms of simplicity. Jetboil has since taken a fresh design approach with the PCS, focusing on the specific needs of the mobile eater. Jetboil offers convenience, integration, efficiency, and reliability-all attributes that are critical to a positive experience in the outdoors.